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About Boyy

In 2004 Designers Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman met in New York, where their collaborative brainchild BOYY was born. The heady pairing of a keen eye for design and profound artistic sensibility, generated a line of luxury handbags and leather goods, coveted by fashion lovers worldwide. The two creative forces kicked off the BOYY beat with a premiere collection in Spring/Summer 2006 and the industry has been a buzz ever since. The quintessential BOYY style combines steadfast spirit with an undeniably unique edge, offering up a slew of versatile handbags season after season. Always challenging creativity and exploring new breadths, BOYY has expanded into apparel and lifestyle accessories. With vendors worldwide, and four retail stores; one in Copenhagen and three in Bangkok, BOYY is steadily heading towards global recognition as luxury brand and fashion authority.

The design language of the brand meets the eye with fundamental, masculine shapes and sharp lines that bear high quality details, creating a fascinating juxtaposition with a strong sensibility. BOYY has paved a path of its own, formulating a fresh and forward-looking interpretation of luxury.

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Draw The Iconic Bag丨Boyy