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About Ralph & Russo

Ralph & Russo is a British luxury goods company and haute couture fashion house. It became the first British brand to be elected in almost 100 years by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture to show its collection on the official schedule at Paris Haute Couture Week. The Chambre Syndicale’s former president, Didier Grumbach was quoted as saying “We expect savoir faire, which is being lost, and they Ralph & Russo have it”.

The house was founded in 2007 by duo Tamara Ralph (Creative Director) and Michael Russo (CEO).

In 2013, Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo were jointly listed at #39 Marissa Mayer and Mark Zuckerberg on Fortune magazine’s 40 under 40.

The privately held company is controlled and run by Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo. It does not have a publicly verifiable valuation.

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Draw The Iconic Bag丨Ralph & Russo